The Oil


"Organic" Extravirgin Olive Oil
Nocellara del Belice 90% +
Other Sicilian olive cultivars 10%
DOP "Valle del Belice"

Cultivation System

The olive groves are located at an altitude of about 450 meters above sea level in Santa Ninfa, in the province of Trapani. The olive groves are cultivated in accordance with Organic procedural guidelines contained in EC Regulation 834/07, without any phytochemical or synthetic chemical fertilizer residue.

Harvesting and pressing

Manual olive-picking with the aid of perforated 400-kg crates, from mid October to late November. The olives are cold-pressed by means of a two-phase continuous operation system.

Organoleptic qualities

Light green with golden hues. A rich bouquet with hints of artichoke and tomatoe leaves typical of “Valle di Belice” DOP oil. An intense, enveloping flavour with a typical and captivating spicy finish, which is an indication of its good quality and longevity, due to its high polyphenol content. Due to its organoleptic qualities, it keeps its flavour long after it is pressed.

Analytical Details

Acidity < 0,3 %
Peroxides < 5 meq/O2/Kg
Polyphenols > 340 mg/Kg

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