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The Winery

Cantine Aperte
26 maggio 2024

About us

A three-generation farm led Tiziana, Clemente and Giacomo to embark on a new entrepreneurial path made of love for their land and longing for making best use of its resources.

In 2003 the adventure of the Funaro winery began, a family business where the three brothers share their own skills and behavioural uniqueness. The corporate team has taken its current shape over time. Stefano G., Franco, Totò, Stefano L., Sebastiano and Valentin look after the vineyards; Rosario the oenologist, assisted by Calogero, Davide and Pippo, works in the cellar; Tiziana and Elena take care of the administration while Clemente is busy with foreign trade. And last but not least, Giacomo coordinates the teamwork. We believe that a good wine is also the result of a constructive dialogue and healthy cooperation among the team members.

Chi siamo - Funaro - Vini - Santa Ninfa - Sicilia

The winery

The winery is located in the territory of Santa Ninfa, on a small hill overlooking the Belice Valley. Completed in 2011, the initial structure was enriched with a twin building in 2018 to meet the need for growth of the productive area and the continuous enhancement of its resources.

With this in mind, the recent extension of the cellar enables the company to vinify all its grapes. The winemaking areas in the cellar are equipped with the latest technologies and the bottling line allows the utmost care in the product packaging. Large, temperature-controlled storerooms guarantee the ideal refinement of bottled wines with a constant focus on energy saving. For the refinement of wines, French and American oak barrels of different volumes are used to achieve balanced and soft products. A basement adjoining the cellar of the new structure was created to ensure a constant temperature of 15° C, ideal for the “sur lies” processing and refinement of the Classic Method Spumante. All stages of the production process, from receiving the grapes to bottling, are followed while ensuring respect for the raw material and the environment. In 2011, both the farm and the winery reached an important milestone: the “Bio” certification.
But we do much more than that. Every day.