Passito of Zibibbo Grapes
IGP • Sicilia
Organic Sweet Wine

The Zibibbo grapes come from the Salemi estate located at an altitude of about 170 meters above sea level. The soil has a loamy structure.

Grape Harvesting
Mid September. The grapes are harvested by hand in the coolest hours of the day.

Part of the grapes picked are overripe and part are partially dried on the vine. The overripe grapes undergo a soft pressing and are placed in stainless steel tanks. The partially dried grapes are added halfway through the fermentation process, for a period of about 20 days, to enrich the aroma. After said period the dried grapes are pressed to extract the natural sugars which will enrich the “passito” wine. A long period of bottle ageing follows in order for the wine to reach optimum nose-palate symmetry.

Organoleptic properties
Bright straw-yellow with golden hues, this wine is Zibibbo grapes at their finest and most elegant, with an aroma reminiscent of acacia honey and mature yellow fruit. A smooth and fresh flavour with moderately sweet overtones, moderate alcohol content in balance with its acidity.

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